About Me
I love to draw. All the time. It’s kind of an affliction. I will draw on anything...tables, clothing, television sets and even, sometimes, paper.

I find the idea of dynamic, three-dimensional drawing especially intriguing. Imagery that moves when a crank is turned, a string is pulled or it is placed on a human body adds depth and life to traditional works on paper.

My subject matter is whimsical and fun-loving; appealing especially to children and the young at heart. Many pieces provide a snippet of a story about invented characters like The Butterbean Avenger and the The Cat Burglars, along with mischievous animals, aliens and even Godzilla.

Several works incorporate shrink plastic, which allows me to create tiny, dimensional drawings that will last. Every piece I create is playful and celebrates the joyous side of this mad world we live in.